This Stackable Air-Fryer Rack Helps Maximize Cooking Space

2023-02-16 16:30:11 By : Mr. joyear Gz

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An air fryer is all fine and dandy until you’re trying to make enough French fries for your family of four and the tiny 3-quart capacity just isn’t cutting it. Sure, you could upgrade to a bigger appliance, but do you really want to sacrifice all that precious counter space? Probably not.

Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing air-fryer accessories that’ll make your handy helper a lot more, well, handy (like this air-fryer grill pan). We thought air-fryer liners were the thing—less cleaning for the win!—until we discovered stackable air-fryer racks.

Thanks to this genius Amazon find, you can fit a lot more inside your air fryer without overcrowding it or having to cook in batches (because that takes way too much time and effort). Whether you’re frying up chicken, Brussels sprouts, or any of the other many things you can make in an air fryer, a couple of these stackable air-fryer racks are a game-changer.

A stackable air-fryer rack is just what it sounds like: a rack that stacks neatly inside of an air fryer. It looks almost like a cooling rack you’d use when baking cookies, except it’s circular and has a bit of a bowl shape to keep the food contained. This set in particular comes with three racks that are spaced out evenly when placed in your fryer.

If you only need to use one, great—just leave out the other two. They simply sit on top of one another, so it’s easy to customize the configuration based on how much room you need. Plus, the stackable air-fryer racks are made of durable stainless steel, which will not only last a long time (even if you’re using them on the daily), but are also dishwasher-safe.

The air-fryer racks aren’t perfect, though. Unfortunately, some reviewers say the racks stack too closely together, leaving little room for larger food to fit in between. Keep that in mind if you’re planning to use them for chunky chicken thighs or hard-boiled eggs, for instance.

Here’s the good news about these bad boys: they’re compatible with almost every size and every brand of air fryer, from Ninja to Philips. They’ll fit in air fryers as small as 4.2 quarts and as large as 6.8 quarts. So if you get a new and improved appliance for Christmas (wink, wink), you’ll still be able to use your racks. Versatile, huh?

To use them, just place one rack at the base of your air fryer, then stack as many as you want—or as many that fit—on top. Then proceed to cook your food as planned. Air-fryer bacon awaits!

It requires very little extra effort on your part, which is exactly what we all crave in a kitchen appliance. Stackable air-fryer racks are great for frying, sure, but also for dehydrating, warming and the like. Some people say they’ve even used the racks outside of the fryer, like for marinating meats or cooling off foods.

Speaking of air-fryer accessories, this oil spray bottle perfectly coats your food for a crispy, crunchy finish.

Hundreds of shoppers have given the stackable air-fryer racks five-star reviews on Amazon. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“We use these racks in our air fryer all the time,” verified purchaser J C Theo raves, explaining, “They expand the usable volume in the fryer, making it possible to cook extra items, which would normally only be cooked in a single layer.”

Kim C is also a fan, writing, “These fit perfectly into my air fryer. I can add more food to the basket while still getting good air circulation.”

Many reviewers like that the racks also keep lightweight food from flying up into the heating element, and that you can use them as serving trays, as well. Even more, they won’t rust, and as Michele Davis states: “They clean up like a charm.”

You can snag a set of three stackable air-fryer racks on Amazon or Walmart for less than $30. While you’re waiting for your set to arrive, take a peek at these easy air-fryer recipes and bookmark your favorites. (It’s OK if you’re already drooling—we won’t tell!)

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